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Andrei Gavriliu

Stone Fortress Church

The stone fortress church recorded in 1223 was built on a rocky, forest covered hill. The area was surrounded by several defense walls, the thickness of which sometimes reached 6 m. The wall surrounding the church with its gatetower and bastion was built in the XIII c. There used to be a tower on the northern wall. There are a number of round stones inside thr surrounded area. These were stored in the hallways and droped onto the attackers. The tradition said that each husband-to-be had to carry one stone to the fortress. After the Tartar raids the church has been modified. They started to build two towers, but these did not reach higher than the roof of the church. The church has got a higher central nave and two side naves. Its arched gate is in Roman style. The light coming from outside intrudes on high and narrow windows. The traces of the long-ago wallpaintings are still visible on the southern wall. The altar was demolished, the only piece left is a carved one from 1425 with the image of the Holy Virgin. In 1940 the tombs of the German and Austro-hungarian officers who died in battle near Sibiu were brought inside the church. (

Photography: Outside architecture

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